We run a Computer Lab of 10 desktop computers and laptops right next to the Reference Desk downstairs. There are an additional 4 iMacs in the Young Adult Area for public use. All of these computers have access to the Internet, and feature basic applications, like Microsoft Office. They all have full color or grayscale printing capabilities to our Print Release station.

Directly behind the Reference Desk is the Copy Center. The Print Release station there will allow you to access, pay for, and print anything from one of the Public Access Computers in the Computer Lab, in the Young Adult Area, upstairs by the Circulation Desk, or in the Children's Room. You can also make full color or grayscale copies.

Print jobs and copies cost $0.10 per page in black and white, or $0.25 per page in full color.


There is one Wifi network at the library that automatically connects your device to the closest router. The name of the network is "Library." There is no password and the network is free for the public to access. 

Computer Policy