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Which Books for Which Ages?

Picture Books are great for reading aloud to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers; and are often good for the ‘just-learning-to-read’ set as well. The high-quality writing and illustrations make Picture Books enjoyable for older children and adults, too. 

Easy Readers are short ‘just-learning-to-read’ books with simple text and illustrations. Some are really easy, some are less so. Good stories in and of themselves, they also serve as ‘stepping stones’ to longer chapter books.

"Early Chapter Books" fit right inbetween those Easy books and J Fiction. We have a good illustrated booklist of Early Chapter books at our library. 

 “J” Fiction is what the kids call ‘chapter books.’ With little or no illustrations, these are the longer ‘I can finally read a real book’ books. 

“YA” Young Adult Fiction are for most teenagers and some pre-teens. While they often feature teen characters (and sometimes feature mature/explicit content and language) the best of them   are strongly written and are an important means of keeping the reading habit going on into adulthood.   
Choosing "Best Books" for Children and Teens:     

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